Our 2018-2019 Curriculum follows the stripes of our UU Banner:

  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) Topics: BLM movement, multiculturalism, influential people
  • Women Have Agency Over Their Bodies (W) Topics: reproductive justice/rights, women’s rights, notable women
  • Climate Change is Real (CC) Topics: elements of the earth, science experiments, wheel of the year, Earth Day activities (art and nature)
  • Love is Love (LL) Topics: types of love, marriage equality, types of families, LGBTQ+
  • No Human Being is Illegal (H) Topics: the immigration experience (tie in w/Jesus parable) no room at the inn (wedding cake, Statue of Liberty, scientist on climate change, etc.)
  • All Genders are Whole, Holy, and Good (G) Topics: LGBTQ+ community (gender stereotyping, roles, identity, etc.
  • Summer (S) (Star Wars Camp- May the 4thbe with you???)

For details on current curriculum and activities, visit our companion RE website or contact our DRE.